More than 30 years of international freight experience

With the mission to make our clients shipments move securely & well-timed, Capital Shipping Agency (CSA), one of the fastest growing freight forwarding & shipping agency in Pakistan, has attained significant standing in the market and captivated customers’ attention through the years of quality service since its beginning in 2001.

CSA offers our clients an optimal combination of industry relationships, leading supply chain technology, and exceptional customer service. We believe that true market advantage comes from creative, individualized solutions. CSA streamlines global commerce with our vast array of services and network of agents in over 140 countries, fulfilling your international logistics needs with expertise and professionalism.

CSA has service contracts with the highest-rated ocean carriers. Through our integrated network of agents across the globe, we have a presence in all of the major trade and business centers. Working with importers, exporters, and freight forwarders, we are able to move their goods and provide door-to- door service worldwide. CSA offers our clients a single-source experience from beginning to end, along with the technology to handle today’s globalized market.

CSA strong, long-term relationships with all of the core ocean and airfreight carriers allows us to have exceptional buying power, which leads to competitive rates for our clients.

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